A sneak peak at one of our showroom displays!

A sneak peak at one of our showroom displays!

Create a bathroom that looks sleek, modern and stylish with Bathroom Traders. This display which can be found close to the entrance of Bathroom Traders creates a stunning contrast between black and white to create a bathroom that really works. Featuring the Nile Chrome Shower panel inside a Romani 10 Shower enclosure, to create a clean and minimalist design. Included on the Nile Shower panel are three sets of LEDs that create a pleasant mood lighting that can be turned on individually to create the preferred lighting for your shower.

Available Exclusively in-store:

  • Romani 10 Shower Door and Side: £1548 - £1799
  • Romani 10 Shower Tray: £77.90 - £153.98
  • 360mm Maxi Tall Unit Right Hand: £949
  • Derbyshire Bath: £1298
  • Dunk F/S BSM Tap: £211
  • Xcite Designer Radiator: £197
  • Patterned Decor (Tiles): £50.38 Each
  • Dresdan Floor (Tiles): £47.98 m2

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