How-to Fit a Raised Shower Tray

How-to Fit a Raised Shower Tray

Step 1: Attach the adjustable feet

Screw the adjustable feet into position underneath the shower tray.


Step 2: Shower Tray Waste

Fit the waste to the shower tray then connect it to the trap.


Step 3: Positioning the Shower Tray

Once you have positioned the shower where you want, use a spirit level to check it's perfectly level. If not adjust the feet with a wrench until the tray is level.


Step 4: Connecting the waste to the outlet pipe

Make sure the shower tray is level, then connect the waste to the waste outlet pipe. Make sure there aren't any leaks.


Step 5: Attaching the panels

Clip the side panels on, this will conceal all pipework from view. But since it is clipped on it will still be easy to access if you need to.

Step 6: Seal the edges

Seal around the edges of the shower tray using silicone sealant and a sealant gun. Seal the sides as well.


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