How-to Fit a Top Fixing Toilet Seat

How-to Fit a Top Fixing Toilet Seat

There is nothing worse than a poorly fitted toilet seat. A seat that moves every time you sit down, or a seat that doesn't stay up. This How to post will hopefully make sure your Top Fixing Toilet Seat is fitted correctly.

Equipment Needed:

  • Top Fixing Toilet Seat
  • Phillips Head Screwdriver
  • Fittings that came with the Toilet Seat


Step 1: Insert the screw into the hinge. If your toilet seat comes with an adjustment bracket we suggest you look at the instructions that came with the seat before moving on to step 2. This will ensure you have the hinge adjusted correctly for that style of seat.


Step 2: You should have two top fixing plugs with your toilet seat. You now need to push them through the top of the holes in the toilet pan. These are going to be used when screwing in the toilet seat hinges in the next step.


Step 3: Align the hinges to your desired position and screw the hinge into the top fixing plug. Make sure the hinges are still in the correct position before tightening the screws.


Step 4: To fit the seat to the pan simply line up the holes on the toilet seat with the pins on the hinge. Then push down until you hear a click. This indicates that the seat is secure and in place. If you want to remove the toilet seat, simply press the two buttons on the seat, they should be positioned near the hinge on the back.

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