How-to Fit a Vanity Unit

How-to Fit a Vanity Unit

Step 1: Measure the unit to make sure that it fits in the area you want it. Then mark out the area using a pencil. If your unit doesn't have an open back you will need to cut holes for the pipes to go through.

 Measure Unit

Step 2: Make sure the marks you made are level if your unit is wall hung. And if you have cut holes for the pipes make sure the line up by placing the unit against the wall where it will be fitted. Drill holes in the wall where the screws are going to go. If your drilling into tile please click here to go to our useful how to guide.

Step 3: Now screw the unit to the wall whether it is wall-hung or not, making sure it is flush against the wall. If it is a wall hung vanity unit, use a spirit guide to ensure that is perfectly level. Check that all the pipes are into the unit properly.

Screw Unit Into Wall

Step 4: Next fit the basin to the vanity unit if it doesn't come attached. You will need to install the tap and waste before fitting the basin as it makes your life a lot easier. Apply some silicone sealant to any gaps between the basin and vanity unit. This makes sure that the unit is watertight and prevents water damage. You will also need to apply some o the gap between the wall and the vanity unit. This will take around 24 hours to fully set.

Step 5: Check all the pipes are connected properly before switching the water supply back on. Check for leaks when the water supply is on. Then run the tap and check the connections between the tap, drain and pipework. If you can't find any leaks then you have fitted it correctly. Don't put any heavy objects onto the vanity unit until the sealant has sealed. 

 Wall Hung Vanity Unit