How to Remove Bathroom Sealant

How to Remove Bathroom Sealant

There is nothing worse than dirty sealant that doesn't even stick anymore. It's a good idea to change it from time to time. But this can be a tricky job. You don't want to get it wrong and end up scratching or even worse breaking your bath, shower or basin. We are going to try and show you some ways to do it correctly and effectively.

Simply pull the sealant off.

No don't just yank at it until it comes off, that won't do at all! Follow the steps below. 

Step 1: Using a knife or a sealant remover tool, cut along the length of the silicone, separating it from the wall. 

Step 2: Peel away the sealant as best as you can by pulling the loose end away from the wall. The silicone will come away from the wall in one long strip with a few leftover bits. If you are lucky anyway! If this didn't work, try the next way...

Use Removal Gel

This is seen as the less tiring option, and it isn't that expensive either with a cartridge costing around £10.

Step 1: Put the cartridge of removal gel into a mastic gun and then chop the end off the cartridge.

Step 2: Squeeze the gel into the sealant you want to remove. 

Step 3: Leave it for at least 2 hours. If you can wait 12 hours that would be better especially if the sealant is old. 

Step 4: After waiting for the gel to work, peel off the sealant either by hand or using the tool we mentioned earlier. 


Get Rid of the leftovers

There may be some small pieces of silicone that don't come off. One way to get rid of them is to dab a small amount of white spirit on the pieces. The alcohol will make the silicone less sticky, making them easier to wipe away. Any bits left over after this can then be picked off with some tweezers or brushed away by using a toothbrush.